Media Technology evolves at an ever increasing pace, skill-sets & understanding have to keep up and the boundaries between disciplines are beginning to merge.

Independent State Ltd was founded in 2011 to provide comprehensive media services that keep up with, and look beyond, this changing landscape... We're creative workflow engineers who get the job done.

From creative production through to live events; everything we do is covered by our tagline: Creative / Technical / Live.

Whatever your project, whatever the challenge, be it a single deliverable or full end-to-end production & post-production, even through to Sales Consultancy for manufacturers, Independent State will help you deliver.

Technical Creative Production

Technology aware creative - Indie specialises in taking complex technical concepts and communicating them to all.

Post Production Services

Need a new promo cut? Your corporate reversioned and brought bang-up-to-date? Maybe just an Avid editor or Mistika operator? No problem.

Live Event AV

Our multi-discipline approach to production means Indie can deliver support to your event, from basic audio through to fully-driven AV and live streaming. 

Technical Sales Consultancy

From technical support cover in post-production, through to workflow & technical sales consultancy, Indie can help your organisation or business on a freelance project basis...