Archiware and JPY

IndieState works with Archiware’s UK distributor, JPY Ltd, to provide Technical Sales consultancy support within the professional media markets.

Technical Sales Consultancy

A natural fit along side Sonnet Technologies’ Thunderbolt Expansion systems, and Fibrenetix Storage systems, Archiware’s P5 software powers users from individuals through to full-scale post-production facilities the tools they need to BackUp, Archive and Synchronize their precious content and data.

From an Individual workstation, through to entire Storage Area Networks; Archiware P5 can protect and secure data throughtout the pipeline, whether fully automated or even user triggered.

Archiware not only supports traditional LTO back up/archiving, it can manage and drive libraries of LTO auto-loaders and “bare metal” storage.

Archiware P5 also scales-up as business grows. P5 consists of 4 distinct modules, and pricing is based on the volume of data protected.

From ebook on Data Management, Backup and Archive for Media Professionals (with contribution from Liam J. Hayter) archive/id850538526?l=en&mt=11 

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