Welcome to our new site - IndependentState.london goes live!

It's been a long time coming, but thanks to the talented folk at Prod Designs (one of our fellow Digital Enterprise Greenwich co-habitees) they've dusted down the interwebs and brought the Independent State Ltd website bang-up-to-date... shiny eh?

It's also a birthday of sorts: Indie' recently 3 years old and is well into it's 4th year of trading - time damn well flies indeed!


The first site was launched just before we incorporated in 2011, and a lot has happened since then... here's a few milestones we hit along the way:



November 2011 - Independent State Ltd incorporates

December 2011 - we sign with with JB Consulting to represent Sonnet Technologies pre-sales in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australasia - the start of an going collaboration....

March 2011 - Independent State starts delivering live event support services to Digital Enterprise Greenwich...



June 2012 - Indie delivers live event support for the Royal Borough of Greenwich during the 2012 Olympics....



January 2013 - Brought on board as Avid Editor and SGO Mistika Operator for Amberjack Productions' "Dolphin 3D: an underwater adventure" pilot with Vision3 Ltd...

March 2013 - Online post-production begins using SGO Mistika on Eugene McGing's "The Unfolding"

October 2013 - Indie' delivers full AV support to ULCC's FOTE (Future of Technology in Education conference at Senate House...

November 2013 - work as Avid support for Dailies on Atlantis and Imitation Game at Deluxe 142...



January 2014 - start collaborating with JPY ltd to promote Archiware P5 (Formerly PresStore) in the UK media and entertainment market.

March 2014 - Independent State starts providing AV event support services for IDEALondon, a joint venture between Cisco, UCL and DC Thompson in Shoreditch

October 2014 - our second conference for ULCC, FOTE 14 (you can read more here!)

August 2014 - Independent State begins representing Fibrenetix Storage solutions in Media and Entertainment markets


2015 and beyond?

Independent State Ltd has come a long way, and this year looks to be no different... I'll be keeping this blog up to date with the latest news and events so be sure to check back - we've got plenty of news incoming!

Cheers for now :)


Director and Geek-In-Chief