In early 2014, Paul Weiser (CEO Fibrenetix Americas) aproached Indie to help develop and grow new business for Fibrenetix storage products in the UK and EMEA Media and Entertainment Markets.

Technical Sales Consultancy

Fibrenetix are the only remaining dedicated storage manufacturer in Europe, and over the last few years have focused exclusively n the surveillance and CCTV market with great success.

Surveillance went 4K before anyone else, and Fibrenetix design and build hardware that can deftly cope with multi stream 4K without breaking a sweat.

It was only natural that with the media industry's shift to 4k workflows that Fibrenetix return to the market where they started!

Indie has helped Fibrenetix leverage their contacts in the post-production circuit, and are forming partnerships with various software vendors to meet the needs of today's demanding media professionals.

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