"If it moves, we'll shoot it"

If it moves,
we'll shoot it

Technology aware creative - Indie specialises in taking complex technical concepts and communicating them to all.

From "a man with a cam" to all singing-all-dancing multicam we've got it covered. Even high speed. We work to broadcast quality all the way, no matter the scale.

Promo's, Gigs, Corporates, even Features, we've got it covered....

  • Pre production development - scripting, planning, direction

  • Producing - creative, technical and project management

  • Crewing - camera, sound, lighting etc.

  • Filming - interviews/ cut aways/ presentations/ gigs

  • Multicam filming - Conferences, events

  • Voiceover production

  • Workflow design and support

  • Gameplay capture

  • SD, HD, 4K and 3D


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