"If it moves, we'll shoot it"

If it's tech, we get it

Our biggest USP. We don't just create and wrangle, we help some of the greatest upcoming and established brands in Media Technology reach out to their distributors, resellers and end users.

We understand the challenges customers face in creating leading edge content and even day-to-day.


Because IndieState creates content, supports production and post, as well as delivering live events ourselves, we bring a unique end-user perspective back into channel... we help you sell your product and brand through our own user experience.

We can come up with new ways to deploy both existing and new products to solve the everyday and unique problems faced by an ever changing industry.

Our network of contacts covers major resellers and distributors across the UK as well as Europe, Middle East and Australasia.

Business Development, Training development, Workflow design, Trade Show representation and Communications... IndieState can help you deliver....

  • Brand Representation

  • Business development

  • Product training - development and delivery

  • Brand evangelism

  • Product focused Workflow design and integration

  • Tradeshow representation - on booth or on stage, product demos and presentation


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