The Unfolding

IndieState provided online editing, grading and post-production support to Robin Film's "The Unfolding".

Working with Director Eugene McGing and Producer Kevin Phelan, Liam J. Hayter operated SGO's Mistika system to bring together 7 different camera formats used during production.

Post Production

The 7 different cameras were creatively graded and treated to become just three, VFX were added, and the film was then mastered to DCP for preview and distribution.

The Unfolding is currently finishing in Post-Production; and looking for a distributor.


"An exciting and relevant new take on the Haunted House story. The Fall of 2016. A fearful world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. A young researcher in psychical events, together with his girlfriend, travel to the legendary wilds of Dartmoor, England, to investigate a rambling, centuries old building - here they find themselves drawn into a murder mystery from the past, a mortal confrontation with pure evil, and a fight for their very survival."

Contact Kevin Phelan or Eugene McGing for more information: